Rare Books/ Manuscripts

The institution is the custodian of some rare and ancient and manuscripts in the regional and Sanskrit languages entrusted to its care by some of its stake holders. Qualified faculty in the departments of Malayalam, Mathematics provides assistance to those interested in pursuing research in manuscript decoding. The college provides space and facilities for the upkeep and study of these rare documents.

The college keeps in its care an unlisted collection of ancient ‘Thaliolas’ ( Palm Manuscripts ) gifted to the institution by Prof. Mary Vithayathil former Head of Department of English. These are related to documentary evidence on Digital copies of antique ‘Thaliolas’ (Palm Manuscripts), around 3000 in number , are collected and stored in the department of Malayalam,by Ms. Litty Chacko, the head. The department is also bringing out a rare publication named ‘Lagnaprakarana’ on the ancient mathematician, Sanga Madhavan , in collaboration with Dr. Mangalamabal , Head of Dept of Mathematics and Dr. Aneesh K M, of the Department of Zoology.


  • Nicolaus Gihr, Das heilige Messopfer, Herderliche Verlagshandlung, Freiburg im Breisgau, 1919 German
  • Edmund Kalt (ed.), Die Heilige Schrift fuer das leben erklaert, Herder and Co, Freiburg im Breisgau, 1938 German
  • Ludwig Freiherrn von Pastor, Gerichte der Paepste, Freiburg im Breisgau, 1931.. German
  • Tanquerey, De Fide, De deo Uno et Trino (II Vol.), Typis Soceitatis Sancti Joannis Evangelistae, Desclee et Socii, Rome, 1929 - Latin
  • P. Paul Joueon, Grammaire de l’Hebreu Biblique, Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, 1923 (edition 1965)- French
  • Van Noort, Tractatus De Vera Religione, Societas Anonymae Paul Brand, Bussum, Holland, 1929, Latin
  • S..H. Reynolds, The Essays or Counsels, Civil and Moral of Francis Bacon, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1890
  • E. Abbott, The Fourfold Gospel, Section III, University Press, Cambridge, 1915.
  • F.F. Maurer, der Hl. Franz Xaver, der Apostel Indiens und Japans, Drud und verlag der bonifatius, Paderborn, 1926. German
  • A. Tanquerey, De Deo sanctificante…. (II Vol.), Typis Soceitatis Sancti Joannis Evangelistae, Desclee et Socii, Rome, 1911 - Latin
  • Collectanea S. Congregationis de Propaganda Fide seu Decreta Instructiones Rescripta pro Apostolicis missionibus, Vol II, Typographia Polyglotta, Rome, 1907. Latin
  • Sabetti, Compendium Theologiae moralis, Fr. Pustet and co, Ratisbon, 1898. Latin
  • Venvaroha(digital and hard copy), sangamagrama Madhava, the sanskrit college committee, 1956, (mathamatics and malayalam)
    a. The first work proves Infinite series
    b. Computation of truemoon
    c. Value of pi-3.14
    d. Sin table
    e. Ancient form of malayalam language(same)
  • Sphuta Chandrapthi(digital and hard), sangamagrama Madhava hoshiyarpur viswaswaranand institute 1973, (mathamatics and malayalam)
  • Lagnaprakarana(digital and hard) sangamagrama Madhava ST.Joseph's college IJK-2017 (mathamatics and malayalam)
    a. Defines about Lagna -the position of sun
  • Yukthibhasha(digital and hard)Jyeshtadeva
    a. The first calculas in the world
    b. Specialities of Nambianthamizhu
  • Golathathvam (digital and hard), Manuscript, (Astronomy), Astronomy and mathamatics
  • Chithrashtakam (digital), not published, pictures and drawings , *Rare manuscript on ancient drawings
  • Kalanirnnayam(digital),, Unknown, not published , Astronomy
  • Diary of Munnar(hard), C.C.Varghese, not published , Ancient history of Munnar, *Geographical,Economical and cultural defails available
  • 5000 Palm leaf documents(Chalakudy)(Digital), not published, Ancient tradition of Christians, Geographical,Economical and cultural defails available
  • Palm leaf documents from Ms.Mary Antio (hard), not published, deeds, Cultural and language study