St Josephs College Library


St. Joseph Library is to support the academic pursuits of all students and faculty through the provision of quality service, instruction and the timely acquisition of resources pertinent to the overall college curriculum in accordance with the mission, values, and goals of the College.

The library is the heart and treasure house of knowledge and information of an academic institution and it is an essential and integral component of every institution. Large collection of book do not make a good library, but the organization and methods used to disseminate knowledge count a lot .Wisdom and culture can be imbibed by the intelligent use of good library. St. Joseph’s College library is reputed as an excellent library which cope-up with latest technological innovations. Housed in two storied building situated in ground floor, spaciously furnished, with ample sunlight and airy with 2 discussion halls.

St.Joseph library was started in the year 1965 with the aim to help the students and faculty to reach their potential by providing multifaceted, supportive learning and teaching environment. The library shall remain open during college hours and for special timings during examinations. Education programs are growing to meet the demand for additional health professional and requirements for entry to practice. The library is responding to these changes by focusing on web based resource and services. The library is the most important spot in any educational institution. The college library encompasses a space of 6075 sft. It is spacious and well planned with a seating arrangement of 510.

There are well-spaced discussion tables as well. The library hours begin with the college hours at 8:30 AM and continue to 5:00 PM, so that the students can utilize the facilities and prepare for their studies, exams, seminars and thesis It is an ideal place for widening one’s intellectual horizon. It is fully equipped to satisfy the needs of faculty and students in pursuing and attaining utmost academic excellence. The library is located in a peaceful environment with good collection of textbooks and national & international journals and bound back volumes of journals available on the shelves. Good efforts are made to endorse standard books from well-known and well-informed authors for all subjects included in the curriculum are well separated for easy access.

All the members of the faculty, staff, and students of college are eligible for library membership. Barcoded library ID Cards will be issued to the students after the commencement of each course, following library orientation programme.

Barcoded ID Cards entitles the holder to avail herself of the library facilities. Book loans are issued on proceeding this ID Card at the counter. Care should be taken for the safe keeping of the card. It is not transferable. At the end of the course or service it is to be returned. Incase of loss or misplacement, reasonable amount will be charged for the duplicate ID Card.

UG Students can take 5 books at a time for 14 days
P.G. Students can take 7 books at a time for 14 days
RESEARCH Students can take10 books at a time for 14 days
FACULTY & STAFF can take 10 books at a time for 14 days
OUTSIDERS can refer books & claim reprographic services

Loss of books should be reported immediately to the librarian. The lost book is to be replaced by a new one approved by the librarian with in 14 days.

Library has introduced a slot machine which helps to know the reading habit of the students and they can check their holdings automatically. The attender at the counter is deputed to ensure the following :-

* No outsider enters the library without prior permission of the principal or the librarian.
* No personal belongings except one note book.

Damaging or spoiling of books or periodicals will be charged as in the case of lost books. If the book is found spoilt or damaged, the last person who borrowed, the book will be held responsible. so if the students finds the books defective, it should be reported to the issuing staff and their signature should be obtained.

Ready reference books like encyclopedias, high cost books, latest issue of journals and periodicals etc. will not be issued for use, out side the library.

Issue of the same book to the same borrower will not allow to avoid monopolisation of a book required by many .

* No student enters the library without recording her bio-data by making her ID Card.

* No books or periodical goes out without entry in the library records.

Rev.Sr.Fiona CHF  - Librarian

Library Assistants  - 4

Students of St.Joseph College - 2000

Faculty - 140

Office Staff - 50

Out siders - 90(From different institutions)